Hersong Philosophy: 
​to promote and develop
​women's music as a significant
expression of the strength, dignity,
and the sisterhood of all women
as well as social justice, world peace, cultural diversity, the healing
of the environment,
and harmony among all people
and beings of the earth.

the Quad Cities Women's Chorus

Performsthroughout the Quad Cities and at Choral Festivals as well as civic groups, rallies, conventions, and colleges and universities around the midwest.

Hersong is open to

new  members through 

Open Sings and auditions.

Interested singers (women

18 and older) and potential

non-singing members

(women and men 18 and older).

For more information, for bookings, or
​for potential membership contact Brooke at:
Phone:  (309) 737-9898  

Email:  Hersong@earthlink.net
​US Mail: PO Box 5059, Davenport, IA 52808